Improved Test Taking

O.K., so you have spent lots of time worrying about and preparing for your exam. You thought you were ready, but now you are experiencing exam anxiety. We can help.

In your lifetime, your brain will be able to store billions of bits of information. Some are easily retrievable from memory, but others require more effort. However, all information is accessible and available to you.

Hypnosis will help you retain information, recall it, and use it so you can pass that exam easily and effortlessly.

If you have a test soon that will determine whether you advance on the job, or a test at school that will determine your future, these CD's will help you.

My method of hypnosis for test taking and exam anxiety for college entrance exams, the Bar Exam, and state licensing exams for a variety of professions.


Improved Test Taking - Two Sessions, $99.00 each.

These two sessions will cover:

  1. Session 1 - Deepening session dedicated to strategies for studying and test preparation.
  2. Session 2 - Focused hypnotherapy on memory recall and beating exam anxiety.

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