"I am by nature a very anxious person. My anxiety was intensified by the fact that I was going to have a total hysterectomy in two days. Dr. Francis suggested hypnosis to specifically address this issue. The night before my surgery, I had a hypnotherapy session with Dr. Francis. I was completely relaxed as I left his office and was able to sleep the night before the surgery. On the day of the surgery, I awoke well-rested and void of any apprehension in regards to my impending surgery. As I was prepped for surgery, I was able to be “present” in all conversations with my doctor, the interns, nurses, my friends and family who accompanied me to the hospital. I did not experience the usual physical manifestation of angst within my body even when the anesthesiologist arrived with the IV needle. I knew the hypnosis was a complete success when I remained calm during the insertion of the needle. I am thankful to Dr. Frances for such a positive and powerful experience."

Karen C.
Professional School Counselor

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