Sleep Problems

It is estimated that up to 25% of Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder. Hormones, shift work, anxiety and stress are some of the contributing factors to the ever-growing problem of sleep loss. Sleeping poorly not only leaves you irritable and fatigued, it can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and weight gain by decreasing body levels of the hormone leptin responsible for controlling appetite.

Muscle tension and distracting thoughts can also interfere with sleep. Progressive muscle relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis techniques that teach you to quiet the mind have proven to be effective tools for achieving (with regularity) a deep, peaceful, refreshing night's rest.



The Health and Hypnosis Sleep Program - 3 Sessions

  1. Session 1 - The Simple Steps to Sleep, $99.00.
  2. Session 2 - Teaching you how to reprogram your mind for sleep, $99.00.
  3. Session 3 - Special Offer, $49.00 - Effective Napping.
    How to get 4 hours of rest in 20 minutes when your schedule does not allow you enough time to sleep as long as body and mind need.

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