Fears and Anxiety

Hypnosis has the ability to enable the mind to change its response to a situation, event or object from a very negative and intense response to a neutral and unemotional one.

It does NOT remove your ability to react correctly to a dangerous situation! Hypnosis can alter the intense negative emotional feeling attached to the person, situation or event the triggers you to over-respond.

In other words, through the tools of hypnosis - relaxation techniques, guided imagery, and distracted focused attention on an object other than that which you fear, can help you regain complete control of your mind and your emotions.

What does this mean to you? No racing heart beat, no sweating palms, no shakey feeling, no tingling or numbness in the hands, no fear of losing control, no sense of doom.

Just freedom - complete emotional freedom.


Controlling Fear and Anxiety - 2 sessions, $99.00 each.

  1. Session 1 - Training your mind for acceptance of new ideas and success.
  2. Session 2 - Gradual, gentle nurturing hypnotic techniques to help you overcome irrational fears of any kind.

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